Play1c: reusable, hackable starter project for iOS and Android native apps


Introducing Play1c

Play1c is a starter project that is meant to explain how to share code, the data layer especially across platforms. It’s a set of minimalistic apps for iOS and Android that you can use as starter apps for your own projects. Start with Play1c and start renaming, changing, adding, and hacking.

Quick Start – The Short Version

Make sure you have Android NDK installed and ndk-build available. The NDK needs to be in the PATH.

git clone

iOS and OS X
cd ios-search
ios-search.xcodeproj is the iOS project, it should just work

cd app/src/main/jni
tests.xcodeproj is the OS X unit test, set up a new scheme, and point working directory to tests subfolder

cd app/src/main/jni
in terminal, run ndk-build
which will build the native shared libraries used by the android app

cd app
in terminal, run ./gradlew assembleDebug

Optionally enable buildNative command line building by providing a full path to ndk-build inside app’s build.gradle

The longer version – for people who can read a few paragraphs – with pictures! – the iOS and OS X, part I
 – the Android, part II