Code sharing using Xamarin


Full disclosure first. I have never worked for Microsoft, mostly for logistical reasons of Microsoft campus being on the wrong coast, but I have always been their fan. Because of Visual Studio mostly… and .NET

It’s sad to see .NET lose its momentum in favor of other technologies, but it’s still alive and kicking, mostly on the enterprise side.

Reviewing Xamarin is easy. Even being a .NET fanboy and liking the technology it gets ruled out right away.

  • It’s outside my price range. I don’t even have a range
  • It’s not open source. I have no patience to look into other people’s callstacks


But because it’s not something that I don’t  immediately need doesn’t mean the technology is not right for you.


If you are hitting one or more of these points you may consider looking deeper into Xamarin

  • Your company has the budget to pay for the software. Per developer. Yearly
  • You may have some .NET business logic code that you want to reuse from your existing project. We are talking about a decent amount of code that can be reused. Again, subject to the .NET libraries that Xamarin actually supports. Don’t expect to just transfer your existing Windows Forms or WPF stuff
  • You are making apps for enterprise use or inside the company use, they don’t necessarily need to be up aligned with platform’s best UI practices
  • You have some .NET developers that need to stay on .NET and unable or unwilling to learn

.NET should have been ruling the world by now. But it doesn’t.