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Play2 – starter project for iOS and Android using Dninni and Gyp

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If you’ve ever ventured outside a small project that shares code between iOS and Android you would have realized that the JNI part of the share is the most tedious and at times painful. Hand-coding JNI by hand is a real pain, a lot of things go wrong: unbalanced releases, uninitialized fields, tweaking signatures as you progress with development, etc. This takes a lot of time which we are trying to save in the first place. If these sound familiar it’s likely you are sharing, or trying to share, a real object model across platforms, not just a collection of strings…

Play2 is a superset of Play1c. It offers automatic project and makefile generation using gyp and automatic JNI layer generation using Djinni.

The Play2 starter template for iOS, Android and command line is a good idea if you are hitting multiple point on this list

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